Dana Faith offers a line of hand made one-of-a kind jewelry. Dana Faith is a New York City designer who started out working with fashion icon Vera Wang and has been a sought after stylist for various magazines.

Dana trained working side by side with fashion icon “Vera Wang” where Vera, Vogue legend “Polly Mellen”, colleagues and other industry professionals used Dana's natural eye for advice and often, for the final say. Dana's knowledge of how women should look was coveted and displayed for the fashion world to view.

After years of development, Dana has created a line of extremely wearable jewelry. Worn by celebrities "Kelly Osbourne", "Sheryl Crow", "Jada Pinkett Smith" featured on the Cover of Redbook, “Kelly Ripa” featured on the cover of Redbook, “Lauren Conrad” featured on the cover of Lucky, inside editorials W Magazine, Glamour, InStyle, People StyleWatch, Women’s Health, House and Garden, Victoria’s Secret, and more. Dana Faith is rapidly becoming a household name.

Dana Faith incorporates hand made twisted wire jewelry using precious metals mixed with semi-precious stones to create a variety of unique pieces. Dana Faith’s designs are inspired by her daily Buddhist practice, love for nature and appreciation of antique craftsmanship.

Dana Faith jewelry has been in our family for generations. Dana's grandfather, Joseph, was a jeweler in Manhattan's Diamond district for decades. Dana grew up watching him fine-tune his craft, and his innovation was the genesis of her early inspirations.

Having natural creative talent, hands on industry experience, and the vision to start her own company, the Dana Faith brand was born. Dana’s vision is different, and still powerful, as Dana Faith represents current, yet timeless attributes. Women will always go back to Dana Faith Jewelry because each piece is designed to fit every woman’s style.