Dual NAME Diamond Bezel

Customize your very own 16 1/2" Dual N A M E Necklace with our Signature Diamond Bezel!  I first created the M I L A Necklace for myself and didn't want to leave any of you mommy's out so now you can create your own special Handmade N A M E Necklace!  This has now become a must have Mommy favorite! Now your little one is with you wherever you go:)  Don't worry if you don't have a baby you can make your own name necklace, your best friends name or even your pets name! LOL my pets were my children;))

It has our signature upside down heart hanging at the end of the extension.  If you clasp it longer to 17 1/2" you are always connected to your heart:)


  • 4 pt. White Diamond

* Each Necklace is Custom Made Please Allow Up to 2-4 Weeks for Delivery *